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by Adam Schartoff
May 1st, 2013

In this episode’s first segment, Rooftop Films founders Mark Eijah Rosenberg and Dan Nuxoll discuss the 2013 season of the festival.

by Adam Schartoff
March 30th, 2013

Documentary filmmaker Cindy Kleine (Phyllis and Harold) has made a film about her husband, the experimental artist, Andre Gregory. In this episode of Filmwax Radio, both appear to discuss their collaboration, Andre Gregory: Before and After Dinner. Gregory also talks about his long relationship with the actor/playwright Wallace Shawn and much more. Also making a [...]

by Adam Schartoff
March 27th, 2013

Filmmaker Todd Berger appears on Filmwax Radio to discuss his new movie, It’s A Disaster which is being distributed by Oscilloscope.

by Adam Schartoff
March 25th, 2013

Filmmaking duo Ron Eyal & Eleanor Burke are the guests on this episode of Filmwax Radio.

by Adam Schartoff
March 19th, 2013

Joe Swanberg discusses his latest film, a sort of romantic comedy called Drinking Buddies which stars Jake Johnson, Olivia Wilde, Anna Kendrick & Ron Livingston.

by Adam Schartoff
March 18th, 2013

In one of several dispatches from the SxSW Film Festival, filmmakers Ruben Amar and Lola Bessis discuss their collaboration, the comedy Swim Little Fish.

by Adam Schartoff
March 17th, 2013

Filmmaker Jeffrey Schwarz discusses, I Am Divine, his new documentary about actor/drag performer, Divine

by Adam Schartoff
March 16th, 2013

Filmmaker Hannah Fidell and actors Lindsay Burdge and Will Brittain discuss their new film, A Teacher, which is being distributed by Oscilloscope.

by Adam Schartoff
March 15th, 2013

Austin-based filmmakers Sean Gallagher and Jonny Mars are the guests in this special SxSW dispatch.

by Adam Schartoff
March 13th, 2013

Guest host Kristin McCracken interviews Sara Kiener and Merrill Sterritt, the two founders of Film Presence a marketing and outreach company for independent films.

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