Ep 220: Bryan Wizemann Returns


Bryan Wizemann waxes on his career and his latest project, Each Coming Night. Bryan is winding down with a Kickstarter campaign to raise money to make the film, his follow up to 2012’s About Sunny. Each Coming Night is a contemporary teenage drama that follows Dan, a high school senior confronting his immediate future. Dan works part-time at a local Mexican restaurant to help pay for his car, and lives with his mother who works the night shift at a downscale hotel. Dan soon meets Jessie, and falls hard. Their adventures grow their relationship quickly, and Dan finds beauty in her distance. As Dan becomes love sick, his new crush slowly spirals out of control. When he tries to cut ties with her and move on, she refuses to let him go, and threatens to take him down with her. Check out the campaign and consider contributing to this worthwhile project.

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