Ep 524: Edie Falco • Beck Underwood

Artist and filmmaker Beck Underwood has created an online shorts festival called the Creepy Christmas Film Festival which will launch a new short every day from 12/1 — 12/25 at creepychristmasfest.com. Then the great Edie Falco appears to discuss her collaborations with Hal Hartley which you can see in the new Long Island Trilogy box set.

Ep 523: Martin Donovan

The first of 4 segments dedicated to Hal Hartley’s Long Island Trilogy; this one with the actor Martin Donovan who has appeared in a bunch of Hartley’s films, including two from that trilogy: Trust and Simple Men. Donovan has directed the feature film Collaborator starring David Morse and continues to be one of the busiest film and television actors working today.

Ep 522: Hal Hartley’s Long Island Trilogy

Members of the original Purchase Mafia join me in this mash-up to share memories of making the three films that comprise Hal Hartley’s Long Island Trilogy. Participants include Edie Falco, Martin Donovan, Robert Burke, Bill Sage and Karen Sillas. Hal also joins in. A new box set of the trilogy will be available as of Friday, November 23rd.

Ep 521: Jeremy Workman Returns

Jeremy Workman returns to the podcast to discuss his latest documentary, The World Before Your Feet which will have its theatrical at the Quad Cinema in NYC beginning Wednesday, November 21st at the Landmark Nuart Theater in Los Angeles beginning Friday, November 23rd. Jeremy, his film’s subject Matt Green, and producer Jesse Eisenberg will be conducting Q&A’s throughout the theatricals.

Ep 520: Amos Poe Returns

Amos Poe last visited the podcast back in December of 2016 on Episode 385. He’s back to discuss his shorts film festival which takes place monthly at the Roxy Hotel’s cinema in Tribeca. Also, we discuss the recent history of the Russian oligarchs. And what we’ve been seeing in the movies. Fun episode with a good friend of the podcast.

Ep 519: Jeffrey Wright • Josh Karp Returns

Actor Jeffrey Wright (Westworld) stops by to discuss a new documentary, a passion project of his, called We Are Not Done Yet which follows a group of veterans and antive-duty service members are deal with past & current trauma through the written word; also author and film producer Josh Karp returns for his 3rd visit to discuss the last chapter of Orson Welles’s last movie.

Ep 518: Margarethe von Trotta • Lois Vossen Returns

Executive Producer for Independent Lens, Lois Vossen, returns for her second visit. The PBS documentary series began its new season this week. Also, director Margarethe von Trotta discusses her film Searching for Ingmar Bergman which premieres at the Quad Cinema on November 2nd, in addition to a retrospective of her work.