Ep 524: Edie Falco • Beck Underwood


[4 mins. 30 secs.] Beck Underwood is an artist and filmmaker. She has curated the Creepy Christmas Film Festival which will feature a different creepy short on the subject of the holiday once a day from December 1st through the 25th. 25 filmmakers are participating including Beck and her partner Larry Fessenden. You can watch these films by visiting creepychristmasfest.com.

Then, the 2nd of 4 conversations celebrating filmmaker Hal Hartley’s first 3 feature films, The Unbelievable Truth, Trust, and Simple Men —aka The Long Island Trilogy— which is now available for the first time for purchase in a box set. You can make such a purchase on either Amazon or at halhartley.com. Still to come over the next few weeks are the full conversations with actors Karen Sillas, Bill Sage and Robert Burke, as well as with the maestro himself, Hal Hartley (back for his umpteenth visit).

[41 mins. 40 secs.] Edie Falco is known to audiences around the world for her role as Carmela Soprano on the iconic HBO series The Sopranos as well as for 7 seasons as Jackie Peyton on the hit series Nurse Jackie. In addition to appearing in Hartley’s two first feature films, “The Unbelievable Truth” and “Trust”, Edie’s film credits include Eric Mendohlson’s two features, Judy Berlin and 3 Backyards, as well as Lynn Shelton’s recent Outside In.

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