Sponsor Rooftop Films

Sponsor the 2024 Rooftop Films Summer Series

Rooftop Films is more than a film festival; we are part community organization, part artistic collective, part style-maker’s zeitgeist, making every screening a unique opportunity for sponsors to gain access to tens of thousands of culturally connected audience members.

Founded in 1997, Rooftop Films has become a cultural institution, a festival that attracts large audiences and media attention for everything we do. Rooftop has partnered with hundreds of innovative brands over the years, and association with Rooftop Films affords sponsors a highly targeted property for reaching their desired audience.

Sponsoring Rooftop Films is an effective way for your company to:

• Increase positive recognition by consumers and brand loyalty
• Reach a targeted and savvy audience
• Stimulate sales and trial usage of products or services
• Demonstrate social responsibility and cultural involvement
• Affiliate with a hip, community-conscious, non-profit organization
• Entertain clients, prospects, and employees in breathtaking outdoor cinemas across New York City
• Work with us to create your own bespoke events or event series

Customized Sponsorships

Rooftop can work with you to integrate your message into our events or to craft a customized immersive experience that matches your brand’s goals and message, and targets your ideal audience. Rooftop Films shows are not merely film screenings, they are unique happenings – the venues, films, partners, audience members and musicians work in concert to create an immersive participatory experience. When working with sponsors we strive to maintain that same creative and collaborative spirit, crafting branding opportunities and lasting connections that thoroughly integrate our partners and their brands into the Rooftop Films community.

With over 27 years of experience producing some of NYC’s most dynamic film events, Rooftop can put together a cinematic happening that complements your brand and creates an unforgettable experience.

If you or your client are looking to sponsor the Rooftop Films Summer Series or produce your own special event, please download our Sponsorship Kit.

For more information, please contact us at sponsor@rooftopfilms.com, or call 718-417-7362.