Short Film Program

Vidas Vibrantes: Shorts en Español

Transport yourself into vibrantly distinct worlds with a collection of Spanish-language shorts that explore memory, family, love, loss, and youthful mischief.


Wed Jun 12 7:00 PM

Meet us on the lawn in Fort Greene Park for our second annual program of international Spanish-language films that highlight community, family, and identity. The films in this year’s lineup explore the many complexities of these relationships, peering into the ties that bind: from a lost friend’s unconventional memorial to a harrowing look at an unusual summer job, Vidas Vibrantes is a transportive study and celebration of Spanish-speaking communities around the world.

The Films

Así Dicen (So They Say)

Natalia Luque | Chile, US | 18

Rumors spread like wildfire in a small Chilean town as an aborted fetus is found floating on the lake.


Nicolas Sequeira & Joaquin Araujo | Uruguay | 22

Juana (12) smokes and says she’s pregnant at the end of an immutable summer, she wanders with the absence and discontent of the adult world.

Un punk ejemplar (An Exemplary Punk)

Diandra Arriaga | Mexico | 11

We didn’t want to be anyone’s example, nor did anyone set us as an example. From our first slam together, I knew we were going to be connected forever. You also understood the power of that catharsis, the power of not being conformed. This is a goodbye with the same intensity as that dance, an opportunity to validate the contradiction and for us to meet one last time where we most liked to be, where no one told us what we had to be."

Solo la Luna Comprenderá (The Moon Will Contain Us)

Kim Torres | Costa Rica, US | 16

As a magical moon creeps in, different timelines entwine in the mysterious and stagnant town of Manzanillo.

Un Trabajo de Verano (A Summer Job)

Joie Estrella Horwitz & Sergi Castella | US | 15

In a small U.S./Mexico border town, two teenagers drive through desert roads on their way to perform their summer job.

Viaje de Negocios (Business Trip)

Gerardo Coello Escalante | Mexico | 13

Daniel, a ten year old boy, arrives at school Monday morning wearing a brand new pair of light up sneakers that his father brought him from a business trip in the United States. When he sees that another boy is wearing the exact same sneakers, he begins to suspect that his shoes are the key to a terrible secret.

Event Details

7:00 PM
Lawn Opens
8:30 PM
Films Begin
10:00 PM


Fort Greene Park

Myrtle Ave & N Portland Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11205

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