Short Film Program

Trapped: Mind-Altering Shorts

Tap into the collective unconscious of a rogue’s gallery of grifters, hermits, and sociopaths with our infamous showcase of gloriously confounding cinematic curios.


Trapped is back for another dose of staggering filmic madness! Microdose eight future cult classics featuring lightyears-spanning flatulence, mystical MLMs, a society of enslaved hamsters, and all manner of uncharted mental pathologies. Creepy dreamers and fame-seekers converge in a maelstrom of dually uproarious and dark delusions. Seek comfort in discomfort and stay open to all possibilities, and maybe you’ll make it out in one headspace.

The Films

Dream Creep

Carlos A.F. Lopez | US | 13

A couple awakens in the night to sounds emanating from an unlikely orifice.


Michael Langan | US | 3

From the universe of Doxology comes GODFART, the epic creation myth that traces the origins of everything to God’s quest for breakfast.

Money and Happiness

Ana Nedeljković & Nikola Majdak | Serbia, Slovenia, Slovakia | 10

The hamsters live and work in Hamsterland, a perfect state with a perfect economy. The GDP grows steadily, there is no unemployment, and 100% of the population declare themselves to be happy. Of course, just as in any attempt to arrange a perfect society by force, the world of the hamsters also has its dark side, which we gradually discover in the course of the film.

Nepotism, Baby!

Tij D'oyen | US | 12

Council Price-Grey (Betsey Brown) has developed a penchant for petty arson in an attempt to fill the void created by her lack of stardom. But when her nepotism continues to fail her, she fabricates a conspiracy to jump-start her career.


Ali Alizadeh | Iran | 15

An old man can't find his cows. Realizing there's no place for him in his house, he leaves, and the cows come back.


Cyrus Duff & Jz Tinneny | US | 16

A couple takes an interest in their strange new neighbor—only to find out that he has already taken an interest in them.

We Come To The Show / Dynamic Futures

Alex Cascone & Homer Steinweiss | US | 6

A twisted retro movie theater welcome animation as you enter the theater-then the feature, a mysterious journey through time and existence.

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