Capital One City Parks Foundation SummerStage

SummerStage: Antibalas + Shorts

Sat Aug 21 5:00 PM

The Films

Excuse Me, Miss, Miss, Miss

Sonny Calvento | Philippines | 16

Vangie, a miserable contractual sales lady, is about to lose her job. But in her desperate attempt to convince her boss not to sack her, Vangie uncovers the ultimate jaw-dropping secret to regularization.

Red Taxi

Anonymous | Hong Kong, USA | 14

As protests unfold in Hong Kong, Red Taxi shows a city in upheaval through the eyes of those who must traverse the streets day and night to make a living. Red Taxi was made by a local film crew, who remain anonymous due to ongoing safety concerns.


Akinola Davies Jr | UK, Nigeria | 18

After 8-year-old Juwon gets removed from bible class by her Sunday school teacher, she follows an agama lizard into the bowels of the “Heaven’s Gate Ministries” mega church. Her journey into the labyrinth exposes the financial inner workings and the hidden activities behind the scenes. Plunging her deeper until she is confronted by a spellbinding sermon and a congregation worshipping in a hypnotised frenzy. Magical interactions with an alarmingly larger lizard and a sturdy gateman serve as metaphors for the preceding incidents. As her family proceed to leave the church they are intercepted by the dramatic confrontation with a gang of holy armed robbers.



Antibalas (“bulletproof” in Spanish) is an ensemble of quintessentially New York musicians making original Afrobeat and Afrocaribbean-inspired jazz and funk music. Founded in 1998 by Martín Perna with players from Brooklyn’s Daptone label, Antibalas grew from a local fixture to international feature on jazz and world music stages in the mid-2000s. Their mastery of the repertoire of Afrobeat icon Fela Kuti earned them a stint on Broadway in 2009 as the core of Bill T Jones’s FELA! Musical, and to later house band roles performing the music of Aretha Franklin, David Byrne and Paul Simon at Carnegie Hall (2014-2017). Their seventh and most recent album, Fu-Chronicles was nominated for 2020 GRAMMY® Best Global Music Album.

Event Details

5:00 PM
Doors Open
6:00 PM
Short Films Begin
7:00 PM
Performance Begins


Capital One City Parks Foundation SummerStage in Central Park

Rumsey Playfield (accessible via the 5th Avenue and 69th Street entrance to Central Park)

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