Short Film Program

Rooftop Selects: Cemetery Shorts

It’s hard to face the end of life’s long journey. Linger with us a little while longer, and experience a thoughtful collection of films that surprise, mystify, and stir the soul.


Sat Jun 8 7:45 PM

When confronted with death, it’s difficult to know whether to look forward or think back. Here, you can do both! Come for our annual gathering in Green-Wood Cemetery, where together we’ll dive into family drama at a funeral, carve into the meaning of life with a headstone sculptor, and hang out with nuns who just can’t wait to die. With this collection of short films, we’ll experience how death can bring heartbreak, humor, clarity, and sometimes, nothing at all.

The Films

Bob's Funeral

Jack Dunphy | US | 18

Searching for the root of generational trauma, the director sneaks a camera into his estranged grandfather’s funeral.


Stephanie Kaznocha | US | 8

After the death of a friend, two nuns in their golden years contemplate what their future holds. One confession leads to another and before they know it, they're embarking on an adventure.

Diary of an Illness

Mika Ruskin | Not Specified | 4

The film portraying a woman's confrontation with cancer: her fears, isolation, and the peculiar beauty that emerges amidst the agony.

End of the Road

Ivana Todorovic | Serbia | 19

Zeljko and Viki sacrifice all they have to ensure a gentle end of life for discarded horses on their small plot of land. End of the Road examines mortality and the need for compassion, empathy and dignity to be extended to all living beings for the entirety of their lives' journey.

Live From the Clouds

Mackie Mallison | US | 16

A kaleidoscopic journey through the imaginations of the director’s Japanese-American family and their longings to find home.

Stone Dead

Freddie Gluck | US | 6

Meet Rex, a sculptor who engages in philosophical musings about mortality — verbalizing his abandonment of fear to his headstones.

Tennis, Oranges

Sean Pecknold | US | 11

A robotic vacuum in a pandemic hospital quits its repetitive job. It travels to Chinatown looking for meaning. Befriending a rabbit trapped in repetition, the vacuum discovers community and purpose beyond programmed cleaning.

Why Are You Image Plus?

Diogo Baldaia | Portugal | 9

A local Saint controls the realm of the abyss, making it impossible for dead people to talk to their loved ones who are still living.

Event Details

7:45 PM
Doors Open
8:30 PM
Live Music
9:00 PM
Film Begins
10:30 PM
Q&A with Filmmakers
10:45 PM
Afterparty, sponsored by Ketel One Family Made Vodka

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Green-Wood Cemetery

500 25th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11232

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