Short Film Program

New York Non-Fiction

Fasten your seatbelts and embark on a cinematic trip through this collection of New York City folklore.


Fri Jul 26 7:45 PM

Get a closer look at the people and places that make New York the place we call home, through thick and thin. Escape the man-made horrors of Penn Station, explore one family’s history through the lens of baking, and clock in with an MTA worker—without having to deal with train delays. Join us for another nostalgic trip around the boroughs, and experience a portrait of chance encounters in the greatest city in the world.

The Films

How to Make Challah

Sarah Rosen | US | 12

50 years ago, Jane filmed her 97-year-old immigrant grandma baking challah. Now, Jane attempts to bake challah for the very first time.

Penn F-ing Station

Claire Read | US | 33

In NYC, the debate over how to fix Penn Station erupts between powerbrokers and residents. But what’s at stake is not just a train station; it’s the future of the city.

They Got Me Goin' In On My Day Off

Luis Figueroa Caunedo | US | 5

Made on a shoestring budget of $20 and condensed to a series of fragments shot on miniDV, They Got Me Goin' In On My Day Off offers a lo-fi, dry-humored portrait of one of the city's thousands of transportation workers.

Your Mailbox is Full

Allie Viti | US | 8

After clearing a scattered archive of voicemails, their receiver reconnects with a frequent caller.

What Happened to Bobi

Ian Faria | US | 15

What Happened to Bobi is a portrait of the filmmaker's grandmother, Helen 'Bobi' Krug, who was abducted by aliens in 1957. Her experience - and the strange events that followed - are reenacted in performances staged at her house, by members of her family and Bobi herself.

Event Details

7:45 PM
Doors Open
8:15 PM
Live Music
9:00 PM
Films Begin
10:30 PM
10:45 PM


Green-Wood Cemetery

500 25th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11232

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