Short Film Program

Love is Short (Films)

Short films about hasty, lusty, slightly awkward encounters.

$16 online or at the door


Fri Jun 15 8:00 PM

Is it love? How do we show it? Should we even express it at all? Those are the doubts that drive these short cinematic sonnets to (mostly) fleeting moments of love and affection. New lovers banter in last night’s bachelor party costumes and two friends struggle to acknowledge their true feelings. One failed lover flees his troubles by biking up a mountain, while another broken heart is healed by a surprise found in the toilet. When trapped within the hothouse of love it’s hard to tell if the warmth will last long. These short films will help it linger a little longer.

The Films

Dolls Don't Cry (Toutes les poupées ne pleurent pas)

Frédérick Tremblay | Canada | 20

A man and a woman are involved in the production of an animated film. He animates by night, she makes and repairs the accessories during the day. Behind the scene, a woman is waiting for her entrance.


Georgi Banks-Davies | UK | 13

Krishna wakes up in a strange place, with a strange guy. As she pieces together how she got there, she realises that the reasons may be bigger than just the night before.

Ocean Swells

Sverre Matias Glenne | Norway | 13

Two young men find safety in each other's friendship, taking shelter from online dating and past relationships.


Kandis Fay | USA | 8

Jen asks her boyfriend, Scott, to pick up an onion on the way home from work while she says goodbye to a co-worker of hers, who's picking up his jacket from their house. When Scott gets home thirty minutes later and the co-worker is still there, he starts to question her fidelity.

Perfectly Normal

Joris Debeij | USA | 12

Jordan is a middle-aged man with Asperger Syndrome who lives in Los Angeles, where he has found stability through his long-term job and his solid relationship with Toni who herself has multiple disabilities. Whereas Jordan often gets pulled into his own, seemingly absent and chaotic world, he has learned to make deliberate choices to stay grounded in reality.A strong self-advocate, Jordan proves that he is not a disabled person, but merely a person with a disability. Someone who “normal people” could actually learn from. Besides, he will argue, “everybody is not completely normal” anyway.

The Climb

Michael Covino | USA | 7

Kyle is feeling depressed and a weekend bike ride with his best friend, Mike, should help. Fresh air. Camaraderie. Exercise. But Mike has something to say that might ruin the ride.


Christopher Winterbauer | USA | 20

In a world where children where children's emotional and sexual development is tracked via remote collars, one boy has fallen woefully behind.


DJ Tap.10

​DJ TAP.10​ is surrounded by sound. Towers of blue Berkeley Farms plastic crates stay stacked in his studio, packed with vinyl. But he’s a DJ, not a collector, and he has a deep understanding of everything music. From New Wave to Nu Jazz, Dancehall Reggae to Downtempo, Hip-Hop to House, he has it all and knows how to play it.TAP has been DJing for almost two decades. He started religiously recording local radio mixshows before he even owned turntables, then he studied the mix techniques of Wake-Up Show soundman DJ Revolution, Invisibl Skratch Piklz’ DJ Shortkut and Beat Junkies own J Rocc. He flawlessly incorporates their technical wizardry and their effortless crowd control into his sets. TAP.10 ’s party-rocking abilities have landed him gigs across the country, and he’s torn the roof off of spots everywhere from Las Vegas, Austin, Denver, Miami, Orlando, New York and Los Angeles.When TAP isn’t flexing his club DJ muscle in other cities, he’s holding down his NY party residencies, handling A&R duty for the Bay Area music collective, The Honor Roll, working with Trackademicks and 1-O.A.K.. He stays creating mixes like Champagne Soul – a 45-minute journey into early to mid 80’s smooth soul jams, Tender Knock - a mix of bass pumpin', speaker rattlin', soulful slow jams, and Hoodrat Tendencies - a mix of Bay Area party anthems.


Tigue is a group of three percussionists with a fluid musical identity. The Brooklyn-based trio (Matt Evans, Amy Garapic and Carson Moody) makes their own kinetic and hypnotic blend of instrumental minimalism while opening up the possibilities of their instrumentation through commissioning and collaboration. Tigue’s debut album Peaks was released in 2015 with New Amsterdam Records with highlighted performances at the Ecstatic Music Festival, Bric Celebrate Brooklyn! Festival, and the Zemlika Festival in Durbe, Latvia. Recent commissions and premieres have included works by Molly Herron, Randy Gibson, Jason Treuting, Adrian Knight and Robert Honstein alongside collaborative ventures with Kid Millions and visual artist / sculptor Michael Mercil. These works have been presented in concert halls, galleries, black box theaters and universities throughout the country including EMPAC, Roulette, The deCordova Sculpture Park and Museum, Noguchi Museum, Yale School of Music, and Princeton University. Praised for their focused and “high octane” performances (New York Times), the Ohio-born band members have worked together since they were practically children.

Event Details

7:30 PM
Doors Open
8:00 PM
Live Music from Tigue
8:30 PM
Films Begin
10:00 PM
10:30 PM
After-Party at DCTV: 87 Lafayette Street at White Street, NY, 10013. Sponsored by Corona Extra, Freixenet, Ketel One Family Made Vodka and Fever-Tree Tonic
No refunds. In the event of rain, show will be held indoors at the same location. No outside alcohol is permitted.


New Design High School

350 Grand St., New York, NY 10002

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