Feature Film Program

Kite Zo A: Leave the Bones

New York Premiere! A sensorial journey into the rituals of Haiti, channeled through dancers, musicians, fishermen, daredevil rollerbladers, and Vodou priests. A celebration of the fiery, heady, and devastatingly beautiful spirit of the island.

Sat Aug 19 5:00 PM

The Film

Kite Zo A: Leave the Bones

Kaveh Nabatian | Haiti, US | 70

On the night of August 14, 1791, a Vodou ritual took place in Bois-Caïman that became the precursor to a mass uprising against slavery and led to the birth of Haiti, the world’s first Black independent republic. Since then, ceremonies of artistic and religious expression have been a mainstay of Haitian culture and its resistance to external oppression, poverty, and natural disasters. Working hand in hand with local dancers, musicians, fishermen, daredevil rollerbladers, and priests, this documentary feature provides a sensory immersion into these sacred rites. Set to the rhythms of the Lakou Mizik group and Joseph Ray and the poetry of Wood-Jerry Gabriel, Kite Zo A: Leave the Bones is an intoxicating creative and spiritual experience.


DJ Danglez

"Growing up in Brooklyn, surrounded by DJs and sound systems, DJ Danglez had an early introduction to the world of music, playing for his first audience at the ripe age of seven. Whether it was building speaker boxes, spending all of his allowance money on vinyl at Beat Street Records, or just hanging out and playing music with his family, Danglez always found a way to incorporate music into his life.

During his freshman year at Stuyvesant High School, he secured his first paid gig at the school's fall dance and the rest is history. He continued to DJ while attending Trinity College in Hartford, CT, where he was exposed to new types of music and was able to spin at a wider variety of events including fashion shows, talent showcases, and concerts.

After graduating college, he returned to New York to pursue a corporate career, but the DJ bug never left him. Opportunities in the form of corporate events, birthday celebrations, and weddings arose and continue to multiply. He can also now be found regularly at premier venues around the city.

Danglez's style is open format. He takes pride in his ability to entertain a crowd diverse in both age and cultural representation. His West Indian roots have fostered his deep love forCaribbean music, but as a child of the 80s, he also has a great affinity for 90s/2000s Hip-Hop & R&B."

Paul Beaubrun & The Zing Experience

Following in the footsteps of Paul’s parents (the Grammy-nominated Boukman Eksperyans) the husband-wife duo Paul Beaubrun and Cynthia Casasola form the core of Zing Experience and continue the family tradition of fusing Haitian roots, rock & roll, and socially conscious lyrics. Coupled with their dynamic stage presence that includes dance and guitar theatrics, Zing’s energy and music are nothing short of electric.

The band’s name combines the word “Zing,” the common parlance for a person with dreads in Haiti, but also meaning a spirit from the sea and vitality, and “Experience,” which like Boukman, is a tribute to one of their major influences, the legendary Jimi Hendrix.

Event Details

5:00 PM
Activation by I AM caribBEING (DJ, Games, and Dance Workshop)
7:30 PM
Live Music from Paul Beaubrun & Zing Experience, presented by Haiti Cultural Exchange
8:30 PM
Film Begins
10:00 PM
Q&A with filmmaker Kaveh Nabatian and subjects
10:45 PM
After-Party at Salon on Kingston (105 Kingston Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11213), featuring Encore Performance from Paul Beaubrun & Zing Experience
Presented in Partnership with Council Member Chi Ossé.


Brower Park

Brooklyn Ave & Prospect Pl, Brooklyn, NY 11213

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