Short Film Program

Growing Pains: Coming-of-Age Stories

Some growing pains heal, while others just hurt. Like these films, they’ll stay with you long after you’ve come into your own.

Mon Jul 22 7:00 PM

Adulthood is hard, but getting there can be even harder. This genre-spanning program showcases stories as deep and varied as adolescence itself. Whether saddling up for a rodeo competition, encountering ghosts in a new country, or racing around the city, these films feature familiar and fascinating stories about the challenges of growing up—and the resilience of those who do it. Come celebrate youth through all its complications, in the city and beyond.

The Films

Closing Dynasty

Lloyd Lee Choi | US | 17

On a school day, seven-year-old Queenie hustles and schemes ways to make money on the streets of New York City.


Chase Musslewhite | US | 15

Hailing from a long line of cowboys and cowgirls, Krishaun Adair has paved her own way in the rodeo world as both a competitor and a rodeo host. We follow her and her daughter, a barrel racing duo, as they prepare for an upcoming competition.


Sean-Josahi Brown | US | 21

Filmed over two years, Ebony, a single mom raising six kids in a transitional housing program in Brownsville, Brooklyn, aims to create a better life for her children by moving them into permanent housing. This sensitive narrative playfully blends Ebony's story with footage taken by her children. Their cinematography composes the essence of their day-to-day life, from mundane chores to hard fought moments of dancing and joy. A story of optimism shines from the most unlikely place.


Ricardo Javier Varona | US | 15

In a rapidly gentrifying Brooklyn neighborhood, a reclusive pigeon keeper is tasked with caring for his estranged daughter for a day, but is blindsided by a revelation that could mean losing her for good.

The Old Young Crow

Liam LoPinto | Japan, US | 12

In the twilight of his life, Mehrdad, now an elderly man, reminisces about his transformative journey from Iran to Japan, a poignant odyssey that began in the wake of his mother's passing when he was just a young boy. His narrative unfolds around a heartwarming encounter with an elderly Japanese woman, forged amidst the hushed serenity of a graveyard and facilitated by the pages of his cherished sketchbook.

Practice Space

Dan Perlman | US | 11

Close friends Edwin and Steven advise each other on dating and drama — based on zero experience — while seeking a spot to hang after school.

Event Details

7:00 PM
Lawn Opens
8:45 PM
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10:00 PM


Fort Greene Park

Myrtle Ave & N Portland Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11205

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