Short Film Program

Dark Toons

Venture along the boundary between danger and adventure, through abnormal nonfiction borderlands too unusual to be invented.


Thu Aug 3 7:00 PM

More shorts to be added soon!

The Films


Balázs Turai & Zsófi Herczeg | Hungary, Romania | 14

After losing his fiancée and his good looks in a freak accident, Clyde must confront his inner demon.


Nikita Diakur | Germany, France | 12

Park. Apartment. 6-core processor. My avatar learns a backflip.

bowling 4 eva

Aelfie Oudghiri | US | 14

A troubled teen girl spends her time trolling men online and bowling with hergrandfather while becoming increasingly medicated by her psychiatrist.

Dog Years

Maxfield Biggs | US | 2

A poem about a dog, her human, and the consequences of a nasty habit.

Ex Creta

Jon Portman | US | 6

A group of bored roommates spy on a neighbor’s disturbing ritual.


Zhen Li | US | 7

A crush gone moldy...

Ice Merchants

João Gonzalez | Portugal, France, UK | 14

Every day, a father and his son jump with a parachutego to the village on the ground, far away, where theysell the ice they produce daily.


Ryo Hirano | Japan |

In a town of SouthEast Asia, at night, a Yakuza is facing a bloody conflict with local gangs.

Ressources Humaines

Trinidad Plass Caussade & Titouan Tiller & Isaac Wenzek | France | 3

Andy, followed by a friend filming the scene, goes to his recycling appointment. Wanda, the secretary of the company, welcomes him. We follow Andy through the whole process, until his last seconds of life.

Event Details

7:30 PM
Seating Open
8:00 PM
Live Music
8:30 PM
Film Begins


Brooklyn Commons Park

5 MetroTech Center, Brooklyn, NY 11201

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