Short Film Program

Dark Toons

Short animated films that will bring you to the strange and mysterious worlds.


Thu Aug 4 8:00 PM

The Films

Anxious Body

Yoriko Mizushiri | France, Japan | 5

Our body feels something and becomes anxious, and because it is anxious, it wants to feel something.

Compositions for Understanding Relationships

David De La Fuente | US | 5

Compositions for Understanding Relationships is a short animated film that takes the shape of a “love letter.” This concept is examined as various forms of relationships are brought on throughout the film. Taken in out and out of the romantic context, the viewer gazes upon the dynamic play of the variables of composition such as color, form, balance, proportion, and unity. Bleeding images of the human form elicits the emotions of love.

Cucumbers (Ogurtsy)

Leonid Shmelkov | Russia, France | 15

Simon is a successful photographer, but he develops a problem. He begins seeing cucumbers everywhere. He cannot go on as before, so what will he do?

Dad is Gone

Pere Ginard | Spain | 4

Dad is Gone. Dad is Ghost. Dad is Thing… spinning in his own skin.

Dissolution (Ontbinding)

Dries Bogaert | Belgium | 8

A society of pink creatures live on top of a tower in peace under one unwritten rule, "Wait your turn in line to the top". But this all suddenly gets undermined when a citizen does not comply with this way of living.

Easter Eggs

Nicolas Keppens | Belgium, France, Netherlands | 15

In an ordinary Belgian village, two bored teenagers are looking for something extraordinary.

Eat Your Carrots

Laura Stewart | Canada | 3

Carrots are good for your eyes. Maybe too good. Eat Your Carrots is a short stop motion animation about a girl who finds an eyeball growing on her arm.

Five Cents

Aaron Hughes | US | 5

After coming across a coin purse, a passerby finds himself on a perilous journey toward economic turmoil. Drawn by hand on thousands of market data pages from The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and the Financial Times with ink, white-out, gouache paint, gold leaf and other materials.

Something in the Garden

Marcos Sánchez | Chile | 6

During a quiet night in the suburbs, a young man goes searching for a mysterious and dangerous presence in his neighbor's backyard.


Špela Čadež | Slovenia | 9

The steak has been marinating for a few days now. The pan is heated. Franc’s stomach is rumbling. But Liza’s co-workers surprise her with a birthday party. Will she be home on time?

Swallow the Universe

Luis Nieto | France, Japan | 12

The grandiloquent blood-and-thunder saga of a young child lost in Manchuria's deep jungle. His sudden presence creates anarchy in the fauna's primitive world, which was, until then, perfectly organized.


Meridian Lights

Out of Brooklyn, NY, Meridian Lights is the song-writing duo of Bradley Valentin and Yohimbe Sampson. They believe that art is the root word of “articulate” and strive to express the pure emotion, thrill, passion and renewal that exists in life’s most perfect as well as challenging moments.

Meridian Lights have many influences and this can be seen in the way they simultaneously exist in separate multi genre universes. In their rawest most innate incarnation they are an acoustic duo, they also take a digital form as an Electro R&B production group with pulsing rhythms and cascading vocals. At it’s core Meridian Lights is a 4 piece aggressively optimistic Rock n Roll band (Brian Mason, drums; Jonathan Blake, bass) with a live show that audiences describe as being “a once in a lifetime experience”. Their pursuit of expression has brought them all over the United States and Canada.

The honesty of their craft has led them to be featured by: Moscot, Fader, NPR, BBC, Milk, Saint Heron, Afropunk, OkayAfrica, MTV, Backwoods Festival, MTV, Northside Festival, NXNE, Brooklyn Museum, Everyday People and NY1.

Event Details

8:00 PM
Doors Open
8:30 PM
Live Music from Meridian Lights
9:00 PM
Films Begin
10:30 PM
Q&A with Filmmakers


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Brooklyn Commons Park

5 MetroTech Center, Brooklyn, NY 11201

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