Short Film Program

Come and Take It

Unbecoming short films by and about bold women.

$16 online or at the door


Sat Jul 14 7:30 PM

One of the many encouraging results of having more women writing, directing, editing and starring in new films is that we are beginning to see a wider variety of women onscreen. The women depicted in this program of films aren’t afraid to confront complex issues like gentrification and media representations, to fight on camera, to release primal animal screams into the internet, or to defiantly aim their dildos at the faces of heavily armed men. These short films are complex works made by sophisticated women, about uncategorizable female characters and their powerful, variegated, and sometimes tangled lives. We’d say these are not your mother’s short films, if not for the fact that one film is literally about the director’s mom’s home movies.

The Films

Boss Bitch

Winona Regan | USA | 2

A mom, a judge, and a firefighter each battle sexism in this animated music video created by Winona Regan. Each woman is a boss bitch in her own way, twerking and shooting lasers as they take on the patriarchy to a rap by PTAF.

Call of the Wild

NEOZOON | Germany | 4

The found footage collage, "Call of the Wild," deals with humans who practice a form of guttural singing. The work questions the perception of music as an expression of the negative aspects of the world and explores the supposedly evil, sonic analogy of the animal in man.

The Clitoris

Lori Malépart-Traversy | Canada | 3

Women are lucky, they get to have the only organ in the human body dedicated exclusively for pleasure: the clitoris! In this humorous and instructive animated documentary, find out its unrecognized anatomy and its unknown herstory.

Come & Take It

Ellen Spiro, PJ Raval | USA | 25

"Come & Take It" captures the transformation of a young woman to leadership of America’s most irreverent anti-gun violence movement called #CocksNotGlocks. After concealed carry of handguns is legalized on the University of Texas campus, Jessica Jin posts clever humor on social media and with the help of a tight-knit group of young female students, a movement is born: The Great Texas Dildo Revolt.

Hair Wolf

Mariama Diallo | USA | 12

In a black hair salon in gentrifying Brooklyn, the local residents fend off a strange new monster: white women intent on sucking the lifeblood from black culture.


Lisa Duva | USA | 8

A casual sexual relationship teeters on the edge of romance and disaster.

Into My Life

Sarah Keeling, Ivana Hucíková, Grace Remington | USA | 15

Growing up in the largest affordable housing cooperative in Brooklyn, Cassandra’s world was artfully framed by her mother’s Super-8 camera. Today, still living in the same place, Cassandra examines and edits these remarkable films, gaining insight into the challenges her mother faced as a creative black woman and the importance of her vision.

Normal Appearances

Penny Lane | USA | 5

“Women watch themselves being looked at” – John Berger

Slap Happy

Madeleine Sims-Fewer, Dusty Mancinelli | Canada | 11

A dysfunctional couple with a penchant for twisted sexual fantasies fight to stay together as their relationship crumbles over the course of a day.


Fern Mayo

"Brooklyn’s Fern Mayo could get bogged down in cutesy tweeness: They’re named after a character in a Nineties movie (Jawbreaker), and the titles of their songs often reference Wes Anderson films. But instead, the band delivers straightforward pop punk that’s emotionally direct even as the group indulges in self-aware irony. Their breakdowns and choruses are powerful — and powerfully catchy. They could be the next Speedy Ortiz or Joanna Gruesome — check them out before they’re famous."—Sophie Weiner, Village Voice

Event Details

7:30 PM
Doors Open
8:00 PM
Live Music by Fern Mayo
8:30 PM
Films Begin
10:00 PM
No refunds. In the event of rain show will be held indoors at the same location. No outside alcohol is permitted.


New Design High School

350 Grand St., New York, NY 10002

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