2020 Emergency Fund

For 24 years, we've been bringing films rooted in compassion, solidarity, learning, togetherness, exploration, and inspiration to tens of thousands of people across all five boroughs of New York City. Please give to the Rooftop Films 2020 Emergency Fund. We can’t survive without your help.

COVID-19 Resources for the Film Community

As the situation progresses, we’ll continue to gather resources and information as it becomes available for artists, filmmakers, freelancers, film festival and cinema workers, and the greater NYC community affected by COVID-19.

ROOFTOP @ HOME: Slay the Dragon

Barak Goodman & Chris Durrance's Slay the Dragon follows everyday people as they fight to make their votes matter, and is now available to rent—courtesy of our friends at Magnolia Pictures. Bring the Rooftop experience home tonight!

ROOFTOP @ HOME: Spaceship Earth

Eight people quarantined themselves for two years in a closed-system biosphere with plants, animals, an ocean, and its own atmosphere. What could possibly go wrong? Bring the Rooftop experience home tonight with Matt Wolf’s Spaceship Earth, courtesy of our friends at NEON!

Rooftop Films to Socially Distance With

Need something to watch while social distancing? Try one of these beauts on for size (all of 'em are either alumni works from Summer Series past or previous Film Fund grantees, so you know that means they're also incredible!).
Rooftop @ Home: Slay the Dragon

Rooftop @ Home: Slay the Dragon

Feature Film Program

Rooftop @ Home: Spaceship Earth

Rooftop @ Home: Spaceship Earth

Feature Film Program

Support Rooftop Films

Though we are all social-distancing right now, there will soon come a time for us to safely celebrate together, and once again communally experience the uplifting power of truly innovative filmmaking. When that beautiful moment arrives, and the summer breeze blows open the door, Rooftop Films wants to be there to make those events come to life—but that can only happen with your help. If it is within your means, we hope that you can support Rooftop Films today.

Become a Member

Annual memberships are the lifeblood of our organization and a great way for you to save money. Benefits include: Discount tickets, pre-booking of tickets, priority entry, invitations special member events and screenings all year long. Memberships also make great gifts! If you become a member today, your 12-month membership will be activated on the day we announce our next public event.


Looking for quality audio/visual equipment to use for your own events? Rooftop Films has affordable rates for quality professional digital video projectors, sound systems, screens, as well as inexpensive delivery and technical assistance for events.

Unique Venues

Rooftop Films travels around the city presenting events on rooftops, parks, and other scenic spots--celebrating and exploring film, music, art and the spectacular locales themselves, and giving you the chance to explore hidden corners of the city.

For Filmmakers

Rooftop Films is more than a film festival—we are a film community. When a filmmaker is selected to screen with us, they become part of that community forever. From then on, we'll support that film and filmmaker in every way we can.

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