Rooftop and AT&T Partner to Present Sweet Stream Love’s River at Select Summer 2012 Series Screenings

The price of a movie ticket doesn’t just buy you admission to see the film when you come to a Rooftop screening. There’s live music, innovative venues, filmmaker Q&As, after parties, and now, digital art installations.  Rooftop and presenting partner AT&T have joined forces with artists Carl Skelton and R. Luke DuBois. Their creation, Sweet Stream Love’s River, is an interactive installation that allows audience members to text messages of love and affection, and moments later, voila! They will be displayed in real time animation of a rippling pool of water, one message dissolving as the next appears.

Sweet Stream Love’s River will be installed at select screenings of Rooftop’s 2012 Summer Series, with its debut this Friday, June 22 at the screening of Is It Love?, Romance Shorts, a collection of short films about modern romance.  The installation had its debut last year at the 2011 Dumbo Arts Festival, where it was AT&T’s signature art piece.

Coupled with the installation, perhaps this Friday’s screening is an ideal venue for a romantic date? Definitely. Or an occasion to tell a good friend what they mean to you? Sure! Maybe even a creative way to pop the question? Anything can happen.  As Skelton and DuBois told us, “This project has run for a total of three nights. We got everything from apologies, to 40th anniversaries, to tender entreaties, scalding passion…and three marriage proposals, of which at least one was definitely non-traditional”. We’re expecting magical things.

Sweet Stream Love’s River is being presented at the following Rooftop 2012 Summer Series Screenings:

New York Non-Fiction on Friday, June 29 at Open Road Rooftop

Edge of the City: Underground NY Shorts by the Sea on Monday, July 9 at Coney Island

The American Experience on Wednesday, July 4 at Socrates Sculpture Park

The Madness of Production on Saturday, July 7 at the Old American Can Factory

Welcome to Pine Hill on Thursday, August 9 at Fort Greene Park

Rooftop Shots- Closing Night on Saturday, August 18 at the Old American Can Factory