Rooftop Films offers friendly, do-it-yourself, hands-on classes in Avid editing, at the cheapest rate in New York or beyond. Avid is the industry and independent leader in digital non-linear editing, and Rooftop Films has ten years of experience supporting independent filmmaking: this class is a perfect fit.

Rooftop Films’ Introduction to Avid Xpress DV is a six-hour class, held over two weeknights, for only $200. Classes are held at the Rooftop Films office at 232 3rd Street, Brooklyn.

Two-night class: January 8 and 9, 6:30-9:30

Simply send an email to with “Avid Class” in the subject heading. Include in the body of the email the following information:
+ Your name, address and phone number.
+ Your preferred method of payment (cash, check or credit card).

For more information, please visit