Intro to Avid Xpress DV
Rooftop Films offers friendly, do-it-yourself, hands-on classes in Avid editing, at the cheapest rate in New York or beyond. Avid is the industry and independent leader in digital non-linear editing, and Rooftop Films has ten years of experience supporting independent filmmaking: this class is a perfect fit. (More details about Avid and the class below.)

Rooftop Films' Introduction to Avid Xpress DV is a six-hour class, held over two weeknights, for only $200. For an additional $25, you can also schedule two hours of lab time on another date: time for you to come in and play with the Avid on your own. Look around: you won't find a more affordable class in New York or anywhere.
+ Two-night class: March 5 and 6, 6:30-9:30
Classes are held at the Rooftop Films office at 232 3rd Street, Brooklyn. (Directions). To sign up, please see the details at the top right of this page.

Payment must be made when you register for the class. When you register, you will be emailed an electronic invoice, which you can pay via credit card through PayPal. Payment can also be made by check or money order made out to Rooftop Films, and mailed to: Rooftop Films / 232 3rd St, Studio E103 / Brooklyn, NY 11215. Please let us know that a check is on the way or your registration will not be held. If you wish to pay cash, please contact Mark Rosenberg at to set up a time to come by the office. Do not stop by unannounced, as the office isn't always open.

Classes will be limited to 5 people, so you're sure to get plenty of time to work with the Avid. One space in each class will be reserved for people who have shown a movie at Rooftop Films or actively volunteered with Rooftop Films in the past. You know who you are—basically, if your movie screened or if you've come to a show and set up chairs you're eligible. If not, don't ask.

The instructor is Mark Elijah Rosenberg, the artistic director of Rooftop Films and a professional editor since 1996. Mark has been teaching Avid classes at other institutions since 2001.

If you choose to cancel your registration less than a week before the class you will be refunded 50% of your money. Sorry, but we lose too much money on cancellations to refund more than that.

About Avid Xpress DV and
Rooftop Films Intro Avid Class
Avid was the first company to make digital non-linear editing systems. A digital NLE is essentially a computer program that records your film and audio, and allows you to edit it electronically. The advantage of editing electronically is that, unlike with film, youšre never cutting your master footage, and, unlike linear video editing, you have random access to the footage; rather than fast forwarding to a point in the shot, you can jump to it with the click of a mouse. Add to those benefits the easy organization of the material, the ability to edit and re-edit sequences without losing the old edit or degrading the image, customizable effects and titles, and much, much more, and youšve got a revolution in filmmaking.

For years, Avid was just about the only manufacturer of NLEs, and they were prohibitively expensive to the independent filmmaker. Now, with advances in computer technology, there are a number of different systems available for home computers, including Avid Xpress DV.

Rooftop Films Introduction to Avid Xpress DV will teach you the basics of Avid, from recording your material onto the computer, to organizing it, editing it, adding titles and effects, and outputting it back to a tape you can play anywhere. This class will focus on the specifics of working with Avid Xpress DV, but also on basics of editing which can be applied to any editing system, including all other Avid products, other consumer editing systems, even film.

This class is intended for beginners and for people who have been using Avid or other systems on their own but want the facts laid out in a clear and focused way.

This class will get you from raw footage to edited film in six hours. And once you've got your movie, you can submit it to Rooftop Films.