Ep 504: Frank Mosley Returns


[7 mins.] Filmwax Radio friend Frank Mosley returns to the podcast. He was last heard a year ago on Episode 417. While Frank is widely known for his acting roles in countless independent shorts and feature films (Upstream Color, Thunder Road), he is also emerging as a director in his own rite. The Spectacle Theater —located at 124 S. 3rd Street in Williamsburg, Brooklyn— sensed this and has curated a retrospective of Frank’s directorial efforts  called A Fortnight With Frank Mosley which will include three of his short films: Spider Veins (2016), Parthenon (2017) & Casa de mi Madre (2017); as well as his feature film Her Wilderness (2014). Check out the full schedule (as well as tickets) on the Spectacle Theater website. The series begins this Saturday, August 25th at 7:00. Frank will be at the theater on Saturday evening to introduce his films and participate in Q&A’s.

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