Ep 503: Larry Fessenden Returns!


Larry Fessenden is back for his 6th visit to the podcast to discuss… well, quite a bit in fact. One of the things we talk about his the latest installment of his radio play series, Tales From Beyond the Pale, whose latest episode will be performed live this Wednesday, August 22nd, 7:30 PM at the Walter Reade Theater. Tickets are still available here.

Larry and his producing partner Glenn McQuaid and a bunch of friends will perform the a double bill of these ghoulishly fun contemporary audio dramas. Now in its eighth year, the primarily spooky show, produced by Glass Eye Pix, has taken cues from the likes of Inner Sanctum Theatre and the Mercury Theatre Company while putting its own rich spin on the format. Observations both personal and political are often deeply entangled with whatever creature, creep, or ghoul Larry and Glenn conjure up. Two new Tales written and directed by Larry and Glenn will be performed live with actors, foley artists, sound designers, and musicians; it’s quite a sight, and if you dare to close your eyes, quite a listen! Previous shows have featured the vocal talents of the likes of Ron Perlman, Michael Cerveris, Lance Reddick, Doug Jones, Vincent D’Onofrio, Sean Young, and Alison Wright… so you never know who might show up.

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