Rooftop Alumni Filmmakers Join us for our 2018 Trailers!

As has become the annual tradition, Rooftop Films Founder and Artistic Director emiritus Mark Elijah Rosenberg has made the trailer for the 2018 Summer Series. Past trailers, which kick off all 45+ screenings we do across the city every year, have included miniature cities constructed by volunteers, men running through the streets of Sunset Park in morph suits, and Super8 montages of scenes from our history. Needless to say we were excited to see what Mark had planned for this year, and boy did he deliver.

For our 2018 Summer Series trailer Mark teamed up with alumni filmmakers, including the likes of Dustin Guy Defa and Crystal Moselle to create 3 different trailers, all containing their own distinct narrative. You can see all of our past trailers here, and check out this year’s crop below:

1. DIY, starring Dustin Guy Defa and Bene Coopersmith

2. ACTION, starring Crystal Moselle and The Skate Kitchen

3. LA starring Kitao Sakurai