Ep 485: Joe Swanberg • Skizz Cyzyk • Eugene Kotlyarenko


[6 mins. 55 secs.] Joe Swanberg returns for his 5th visit to the podcast. Other than a mention of some previous films and the upcoming 3rd season of his Netflix series, Easy, the conversation was about independent film festivals like the one where we were located, The Maryland Film Festival. This episode is the second from that festival in the city of Baltimore.

[24 mins. 33 secs.] Then a freewheeling conversation with Baltimore native and filmmaker/musician, as Skizz Cyzyk returns. Skizz was on Episode 411 back at the Maryland Film Festival 2017. We catch up with Skizz despite the interruption of New Yorker film critique and indie film advocate, Richard Brody.

[44 mins. 43 secs.] Filmmaker Eugene Kotlyarenko was last heard on Episode 285 discussing his 2nd feature, A Wonderful Cloud. Well, he’s back on the podcast and he’s back with a new film called Wobble Palace which premiered at SxSW 2018 and has found its way to the Maryland Film Festival. Shot by Sean Price Williams (Listen Up Philip, Good Time) and takes place a week before the 2016 election, when a couple (Dasha Nekrasova & Eugene) who on the verge of breaking up, decide to split their home over the weekend and test the waters of independence. Wobble Palace is currently in the festival circuit and we’ll keep you abreast of where you can see it.

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