Ep 481: John Carroll Lynch Returns • Daniel Kremer


[5 mins.] Actor John Carroll Lynch returns to the podcast for his second visit (he was last on Episode 430), This time he’s joined by filmmaker Timothy McNeil who directed a new film he stars in called Anything. Deeply depressed after his wife’s death, Early Landry (Lynch) moves from Mississippi to Los Angeles to live with this sister. While there, he forms a complicated and enriching relationship with a transgender sex worker. The movie opens tomorrow, Friday, May 11th in NYC at the AMC Empire 25 and at the Laemmle Monica Center in LA.

[38 mins. 15 secs.] Then I’m joined by San Francisco based filmmaker Daniel Kremer. Kremer is a screenwriter and director of several films, including A Trip to Swadades (2008) and Yarns to be Spun on the Way to the Happy Home (2007). He has also written books on Sidney J. Furie and is busy working on one about Filmwax Radio friend Henry Jaglom. You can find a number of Kremer’s films on the movie streaming site Fandor.

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