Short Films for the Shortest Day of the Year





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Whether giving grants like the ones announced earlier this week or opening and closing our festival with a program of short films, we’ve always supported short films and their makers. Today we’re talking about REALLY short films. Of the over 150 films under 5 minutes, here are some highlights:

93 (runtime 0:31) by Laura Stewart.

Shown during the 2016 Summer Series.

Boss Bitch (runtime 1:47) by Winona Regan.

Shown during the 2017 Summer Series.

Rolling (runtime 2:46) by Matt Christensen.

Shown during the 2016 Summer Series.

Sport in the Land of Plenty (runtime 1:20) by Matt Reynolds.

Shown during the 2016 Summer Series.

Insect Bite (runtime 2:30) by Grace Nayoon Rhee.

Shown during the 2016 Summer Series.

I Am Alone and My Head is On Fire (runtime 0:58) by David O’Reilly.

Shown during the 2014 Summer Series.

A Horse Throat (runtime 1:31) by David Barlow-Krelina.

Shown during the 2015 Summer Series.