Rooftop Films: Member Spotlight

If you have ever been to a Rooftop Films screening, you know that our members are some of the most interesting taste-makers out there. Each time I work at one of these eclectic screenings as a diligent intern (yes, that is me you see on Saturday nights running around with a camera), I’m struck by the diversity and artistic nature of the crowds that show up to our events. In this segment, I’m going to highlight some of our members by getting to know them a little better through interviews!

Meet Kaisa:

I sat down with Kaisa right before the Mr. Roosevelt screening on June 17 to ask her a couple of questions about her experiences with Rooftop Films and her summer plans.

R: Thank you so much for sitting down with me! How long have you been attending Rooftop Films events?

K: Five or six years, since 2012.

R: And which event has been your favorite so far?

K: There was a Pop Documentary event maybe three years ago in Sonic Park. It was awesome – I got there early so I could get good seats. I was one of the first on the roof and the first person I saw was Charlie Stocker. I was a fan, and later on there was karaoke. It was all super good!

R: That sounds so fun! What are you looking forward to most this summer?

K: I guess my trip to Finland. I haven’t been back in a few years.

R: What is the best movie you’ve ever seen?

K: Hard question, but Bad Education.

R: Who would play you in a movie about your life?

K: I think Tilda Swinton.

R: Last question: what is your go-to movie snack?

K: Candy – preferably Finnish salted licorice, but you can only buy them in Finland.

Becoming a member of Rooftop Films is an affordable and fun way to give back to the community (plus you get loads of discounts, perks, free stuff, and a chance to end up on our website!). Click here for more information!