Ep 378: Michael Galinsky & Suki Hawley • Sabine Krayenbühl & Zeva Oelbaum • Tomas Leach


An episode dedicated to DOC NYC, America’s largest documentary festival, currently taking place through Thursday, November 17th at the IFC Center, SVA Theater & Cinepolis in New York City.

Guests in the first segment include returning documentary filmmakers Michael Galinsky & Suki Hawley (Battle for Brooklyn) with their new film, All the Rage. The film, co-directed by the above two along with filmmaker David Beilinson, and which had a sold out show this past Saturday, follows Dr. Sarno whose radical approach to back pain has caused him to be essentially ostracized by the medical community.

Then I’m joined by returning filmmakers Sabine Krayenbühl & Zeva Oelbaum with their new documentary, Letters From Baghdad. The film restores Gertrude Bell, a true original and the most powerful woman in the British Empire in her day, in history. The film had a sold out screening this past Saturday.

Last up, returning to the podcast is filmmaker Tomas Leach with his new work, The Lure. That film, about a real life treasure hunt which took place in the Rocky Mountains, is having a screening today, Tuesday, November 15 at 3:00PM at the IFC Center.

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