Ep 375: Teddy Collatos, Carolina Monnerat & Fiona Graham


After the intro (in which I talk about the new Brooklyn Alamo Drafthouse NYC and Kenneth Lonergan’s new film Manchester By The Sea), at the 12 minute and 40 second mark, I am joined by filmmaker Teddy Collatos back for his 2nd visit on the podcast. Last time Teddy talked about his feature Dipso. This time he’s back with Carolina Monnerat, his wife and one of the lead actors in his new film Tormenting the Hen. The film is a drama about a couple who rent a place in the Berkshires so one (Dameka Hayes) can direct a local play. The other (Monnerat) with more time on her hands becomes caught up in a drama with the strange next door neighbor (Matthew Shaw). The film also stars Filmwax Radio friend Josephine Decker. The film was recently named IndieWire project of the week and is winding down on its Indiegogo campaign to raise money for post work. Please check out the campaign and consider contributing. This segment was recorded at the ShowBriz Studios where we were also joined by actress and film producer Fiona Graham for this segment. Here Fiona talks about re-locating from the UK to New York and about a short she recently produced and acted in, Muscle.

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