Ep 344: Dennis Hauck • Joachim Trier • Gabriel Mascaro


[6 mins. 20 secs.] The first segment is introduces first time feature filmmaker Dennis Hauck whose Too Late is currently in theaters and continuing to open around the country wherever film is projected. You can catch it at the Village East Cinema in NYC. Too Late concerns a private investigator (John Hawkes) who scours the streets of Los Angeles to track down a missing woman (Crystal Reed) from his past. The cast also includes Robert Forster & Joanna Cassidy. The film is also screening at the Sundance Cinemas Sunset 5 in LA and in theaters around the country

[36 mins. 13 secs.] Joachim Trier (Reprise, Oslo August 31st) is next. His first English language film, Louder Than Bombs stars Jesse Eisenberg, Isabelle Hupert, Gabriel Byrne & Amy  A widower (Byrne) and his two sons must cope with new details about the death of his wife (Huppert), a famed war photographer. The film opens theatrically today, April 8th. It’s playing at Lincoln Plaza Cinemas & The Angelika. In L.A. it’s screening at the Sundance Sunset Cinema. The film is being distributed by The Orchard.

[1 hr.] Gabriel Mascaro‘s second feature, Neon Bull, opens at the Elinor Bunin Munro Film Center today, April 8th. Iremar works at the “Vaquejadas”, a rodeo in the North East of Brazil. But Brazil and the Northeast are changing and the region’s booming clothing industry has stirred new ambitions in Iremar. Swinging in his hammock in the back of the truck, his head is filled with dreams of pattern cutting, sequins and exquisite fabrics as he mentally assembles his latest sexy fashion designs.

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