Will Draw For Good’s 4th Annual Draw-A-Thon

Our friends over at OrangeYouGlad are back with yet another important mission! Will Draw For Good, their annual draw-a-thon fundraiser, gets together artists of all sorts to draw for a worthy cause. Here is how it works: Custom artworks are created and sold, and all the proceeds go to a year’s chosen charity. This year the campaign will run under the title Will Draw for Common Sense. Funds are currently being raised in support of Everytown for Gun Safety – an organization, whose mission is to make American communities safer and save lives by reducing gun violence.

This year marks Will Draw For Good’s 4th annual fundraiser, and they are excited as ever to do world more good through art and creativity. If this sounds like a worthy event to you, there are several ways to get involved. You can donate, while requesting a custom drawing of any sort. This artwork will be created on¬†November 14th¬†and sent to your mailbox within the next couple weeks. Create and share art, all while celebrating life and supporting common sense gun control.

Head over to their GoFundMe to pledge and show your support today!