Ep 319: Jay Duplass, J. Davis & Linas Phillips • Justin Schein • Joshua Bishop & Tomi Fujiyama

(9 mins.) The kookie cast of Manson Family Vacation (2015, The Orchard)​ are my first gusts. Filmmaker J. Davis is joined by actors Jay Duplass (Transparent) & Linas Phillips (Bass Akwards, Walking to Werner). The film is currently available on Netflix. After that (33 mins.) documentary filmmaker Justin Schein (No Impact Man) is back with a new film which I saw at Woodstock Film Festival​ and is about to have its local premiere at DOC NYC​. His film, Left on Purpose​, is about the life —and the end of the life— of the radical yippie, Mayer Vishner. Last up, (60 mins.) my conversation with the director of the new doc MADE IN JAPAN, Joshua Bishop, who follows the story of Tomi Fujiyama, a Japanese woman who broke ethnic barriers by being the first Asian to perform at the Grand Ol’ Opry some 50 years ago. The film follows her quest to return to that stage. Tomi appears as well & performs a couple of her favorite songs.

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