SHORT CUTS: Pho·to·vol·ta·ic (By Khalik Allah)

“Photography and filmmaking are two overlapping circles that form the Venn diagram of my mind; the area where they overlap is where I find myself.”

Khalik Allah often describes his art as an intersection between photography and film, focusing on the ways they can work together rather than their differences.  He foregrounds their complementary relationship in his short film Pho·to·vol·ta·ic. It’s partly a process documentary, following him as he photographs the people he meets on the corner of 125th and Lexington. But its rhythm and style create a trance that draws you deep into the world Allah captures.

You can watch the film below to see for yourself how Allah builds a world of intersections:

If this piques your interest, join Khalik Allah this Friday at Metrotech Commons for A Night with Khalik Allah!

Watch the trailer for his feature-length film Field Niggas, which will screen on Friday alongside his short Khamaica:

And check out Khalik Allah’s website for films, photography, interviews, and more.

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