SHORT CUTS: Animation Block Pre-Party

There’s no better way to combat the heat than with short films and a sea breeze, so this year’s Animation Block Party is well-timed. Tomorrow (7/30) night at Brookfield Place, you can see an eclectic lineup of acclaimed animated short films free of charge while enjoying the breeze rolling in from the Hudson River. (Author’s note: Consider it in relation to other topical animation experiences—recently, I was shocked to learn that it can cost $20 to see a 3D showing of Minions, so it really can’t be understated how amazing of an event Animation Block Party is.)

To get you in the mood for the event, take a look at a few short films, all Vimeo Staff Picks, from Animation Block Parties past:

In Dreams (Dir. Samuel Blain, shown in 2012)
As the Roy Orbison song goes, “In dreams, I walk with you/In dreams, I talk to you.” In this experimental documentary, Samuel Blain’s film facilitates interaction between the viewer and the dreams of his subjects. So you can kind of walk with the dreams while you hear about them. Just see for yourself!

Passer Passer (Dir. Louis Morton, shown in 2013)
In this short, Louis Morton has somehow managed to bring together Sim City, Spirited Away, and Jacques Tati’s Playtime. It wouldn’t be a Vimeo Staff Pick if it weren’t impressive like that. A depiction of a trance-like shifting corporate universe.

Spacetime Fabric Softener (Dir. Professor Soap, shown in 2013)
Speaking of trance, how about a soothing trip through brightly colored space rocks? For me, Spacetime Fabric Softener calls to mind 2001, Space Ghost Coast to Coast, and and the sort of relaxed feeling you might have while listening to Jeff Bridges’ Sleeping Tapes. But to be honest, Spacetime Fabric Softener may just be the best way to describe it. Professor Soap will show you the way to the wormhole.

Excited for more animated shorts? Come out to Animation Block Party at Brookfield Place this Thursday night!

**Keep an eye out for more posts from Short Cuts, where we’ll be spotlighting short films from Rooftop Films Summer Series filmmakers.**