Ep 305: Kimberly Levin & Neal Huff • Brigid Maher • Primo, John Diaz & Keith Miller


First segment includes a conversation with [10 mins] Runoff director Kimberly Levin with her lead actor Neal Huff. The film is opening theatrically in a number of cities this Friday, July 24th, including Los Angeles & Louisville (where the film was shot).

[43 mins.] Brigid Maher who has a new documentary feature called The Mama Sherpas. The film is currently available on demand and is being distributed by Bond 360.

Lastly, [1 hr. 4 mins.] the team behind the new film Five Star, director Keith Miller & cast members Primo & John Diaz. Five Star opens at the IFC Center this Friday, July 24th. It opens in LA the following week and on demand in August.

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