Ep 291: Robert Machoian & Rodrigo Ojeda-Beck • Kent Osborne & Todd Rohal • Yen Tan


[6 mins. 6 secs.] Another episode recorded from SxSW 2015. The first segment includes a conversation with the filmmaking team behind the film God Bless The Child, co-directors Robert Machoian & Rodrigo Ojeda-Beck. Harper, the oldest sister of five, is put in a position to care for her four younger brothers. Elias the crazy, Arri the sensitive, Ezra the strong and Jonah the baby. What should just be a normal day in their lives, turns into a day of fantasy and chaos.

[18 mins. 12 secs.] Next up, the Uncle Kent 2 creative team, actor/artist Kent Osborne & director Todd Rohal. In a desperate search to create a follow-up to Joe Swanberg’s 2011 film Uncle Kent, Kent Osborne travels to a comic book convention in San Diego where he loses his mind and confronts the end of the world. Reuniting in the Gremlins 2 of “Indie” sequels, Joe Swanberg, Jennifer Prediger and Tipper Newton return in a surrealist look into Osborne’s madness. Written by Osborne and passing the directors’ torch over to Todd Rohal (The Catechism Cataclysm) Uncle Kent 2 plays out like an absurdist successor that bends the rules of sequels and the minds of the audience.

[58 mins. 5 secs.] Lastly, Austin-based filmmaker & graphic designer Yen Tan (Pit Stop) discusses his filmmaking.

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