Ep 283 FIX Shorts Filmmakers: Ben Russell, Maya Erdelyi, Monihan, David Schendel & Lori Felker

When I heard that Fandor was getting into the content creation game, I was happy for the opportunity to try something a little different with the podcast. With the help of Fandor’s Partner Relations Manager Amanda Salazar, I was able to coordinate with all 5 of the FIX shorts filmmakers and get them on the phone. These are 5 filmmakers that have content on Fandor and part of their FIX program. Each one is given $5,000 to make a short but also required to participate in a Kickstarter campaign where by each of them would try and raise another matching $5,000. They were spread out all over the place. I spoke with Lisa Felker in Ann Arbor, David Schendel in San Francisco, Ben Russell in Miami (just having gotten back from a prolonged trip in the Surinamese jungle deep in the Amazon. Ben was back in the States for only minutes before we talked. Monihan and Maya Erdelyi, the remaining two filmmakers were here in the New York City areas. As disparate their geographies often are (they all travel for their filmmaking); that also shows in their work. All 5 shorts reflect hugely different styles of filmmaking. But they share their a common lust for filmmaking and for tapping into a font of imagination that almost guarantees that imaginative artful filmmaking is still alive and well. And racking up the air miles.

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