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With only 25 days left, “Medina’s Dream” has made a little over half of their $15,000 goal on Kickstarter. Time is slipping away and the director needs you. Click here to donate.

Director Andrew Berends needs your help to finish his latest film “Medina’s Dream” in order for it to premiere next month at South By Southwest Film Festival (SXSW). This year there were a record breaking 4,935 short film submissions, and “Medina’s Dream” is 1 of the 10 documentaries to be screened.

“The war in the Nuba Mountains receives very little coverage in the mainstream media, but it’s a story I feel passionately needs to be told,” Berends said. He spent five months in Sudan in the Nuba Mountains recording the story of the refugees fighting to keep their culture and their people alive.

The Nuban people were attacked from above, taking refuge in caves nearby as they watched their village burn to the ground. Berends describes the Nuba Mountains as “a remote and ruggedly beautiful region in Sudan where the Nuban people eke out a pastoral and agrarian subsistence in relative isolation to the modern world.”

Berends was published in the New York Times trying to spread the word of the war and bring an awareness of what is happening across the world with over 70,000 refugees living in a camp. “Sadly the war continues unchecked, and has greatly intensified over the last few months,” Berends said.

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