Down the Rabbit Hole: Outsider, Amateur, and Underground Films

Outsider Art Fair is hosting this Friday a free series of shorts that highlight small filmmakers who create their movies completely away from the eye of a big production company.

According to the programmers, ” the beauty of a film that comes from outside of the system, made completely by one person, is the pure honesty you feel when you watch it. Whether these artists were obsessed with what they saw in ‘big’ movies or what they knew about traditional home movies that families made, they took it upon themselves to make their movies their way, in a very personal style. They didn’t ask permission, they didn’t worry about the notions of being professional, they just wanted to make it so bad that they succeeded. Whether their stories were crafted in their garages, back yards, with various versions of themselves or seemingly by accident they represent a form of pure expression so engaging you can’t help but sink into them, as your expectations melt away.”

This series of shorts are being put together by two very great programmers who have worked on Vice, Vimeo and the Sundance Film Festival. Jeffrey Bowers and Mike Plante have put their expertise together in order to come up with series that is highly original and fun to watch. Here are the details and the lineup:

Down The Rabbit Hole: Outsider, Amateur, and Underground Films
Hotel Americano

518 W.  27th Street
New York, NY 10001
Screening starts at 8:30pm

Martha Colburn – Evil of Dracula (1997) – 2 min.
Judith McWillie – J. B. Murray: Writing in Unknown Tongues: Reading through the Water (1986) – 10 min.
Phil Chambliss – The Devil’s Helper (1995) – 15 min.
Robbins Barstow – Disneyland Dream (1956) – 35 min.
Laz Rojas – NewLife03 (1993) – 7 min.
Sid Laverents – Multiple SIDosis (1970) – 10 min.