Ep 257: Ana Lily Amirpour & Sheila Vand • Jason Ritter • Maya Erdelyi


[5 mins.] Ana Lily Amirpour, director of A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night & her lead actress Sheila Wand are the guests in the first segment. The film, an Iranian Vampire mash-up, is currently screening at the IFC Center in NYC and at the Nuart Theater in L.A.

[35 mins. 50 secs.] Actor Jason Ritter who is in a new film, Always Woodstock (currently on various digital platforms), is the second segment. Jason also lends his voice to the hit animated series, Gravity Falls, on Disney XD.

[53 mins. 35 secs.] Last up, animator Maya Erdelyi, whose two shorts, Pareidolia & Phosphena may be seen on Fandor.

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