Farewell to an Amazing Summer

Just the other night, a friend from school asked me how my internship was going this summer. I tried to give her a quick summary of my time at Rooftop, prefacing with the fact that my summer had been so full that I probably wasn’t remembering everything. After a moment, my friend replied to my long-winded description with an all-caps “THAT’S SO COOL!!!”. I couldn’t help but smile at my computer screen because, well, she was right. In fact, my summer with Rooftop has shot miles past the definition of “cool” and become one of the most spectacular experiences I could have asked for.

I’ve learned so much more during these summer months than I ever thought I would. I’ve mastered the NYC subway (a feat that I continually take in stride), I’ve been to different areas of Brooklyn that I would have never thought to go to, I’ve seen a slew of amazing new and innovative films. But I can also say that I know how many feet are the acceptable length between rows of chairs, and that rooftops (especially by the water) are at least five degrees colder than the ground level. I know to lift stacks of chairs from your knees not your back, or you’ll feel it in the morning. I know that running around Brooklyn with flyers is more fun than you think it would be, especially when goofing off with your fellow interns.  And most of all, I know the magic of hanging out under the stars with people who are not only immensely creative but also love film with every fiber of their being. To be part of the team who made such magic possible is just the icing on the cake.

When I think about my experience with Rooftop Films, I can’t help but wonder “where else?”. Where else can I see drag queens perform on a rooftop, laugh at how hilarious Mark Duplass is in person, watch a movie next to the yachts on the Hudson River, and cheer on a Jarvis Cocker judged Pulp karaoke contest with my fellow staff members, all in one summer? Nowhere else, I’m sure. Rooftop is singularly unique, and it is for that reason that I will always cherish my time here. It was one of a kind in the very best way that an internship can be.

As the Summer Series comes to an end and my days as a New Yorker dwindle to a close, I can’t help but think how much I will miss my days at the Old American Can Factory; the hours of doing “top-secret” intern work and spending way too much time and money at Whole Foods. I’ll miss my fellow interns, along with the amazing staff and venue managers that I have met along the way. But I know I will take this experience with me wherever I go.

I will miss you all, but I’m not going to say goodbye. Just a simple “see you soon” and my immense thanks for this summer. I will indeed see you soon.