Rooftop Alumna Pearl Gluck Begins Funding Her Latest Feature

Pearl Gluck screened the short film GREAT BALLS OF FIRE at Rooftop Films in 2002. Since then, she’s made documentary films that have screened on The Sundance Channel, PBS, and across the world. She is a two-time Sundance Institute Fellow and veteran of several festivals.

For her latest film, she ventures into narrative feature territory with THE TURN OUT, a powerful social drama that explores the relationship between a long-haul trucker and an underage prostitute he meets at his local truck stop in Ohio. The film is based on true-life accounts and takes a documentary-esque approach to the subject matter. Pearl and her team conducted numerous interviews with social workers, law enforcement, government officials, truck drivers, and victims of human trafficking.

The production already has strong support from Ohio University and Penn State University, as well as civic leaders and harm-reduction organizations. Their goal is to not only create a deep and emotionally rich work of art, but to change the conversation around this very real problem in American society, to start a conversation and ultimately enact meaningful legislation.

Check out their Kickstarter page, and contribute what you can to this project. We will be following this project closely and can’t wait to see Pearl’s film come together!