Raise the Rooftop!

It is Rooftop Films mission to create the most unique film viewing experiences in NYC and beyond-we don’t screen in theaters, we screen in communities. We showcase groundbreaking independent films –not in cold, isolating, movie theaters but in the open air–and we make each screening a participatory community experience that includes live music, Q&A’s, panels and after parties.

In order to continue to make our events bigger and better while also keeping them low cost therefore accessible to all, we need your support at this crucial time.

Make a donation to our Kickstarter and help Rooftop Films to continue to thrive or—better yet—become a Rooftop Films Member and get free access to over 45 amazing events in spectacular locations next summer and all year-round.

More Than Just A Film Festival

For 17 years Rooftop has been a unique fixture on the New York cultural landscape connecting venues, audiences, filmmakers, musicians, communities and causes, and creating magical unique experiences. More than a film festival, Rooftop brings a vibrant, memorable experience to rooftops and scenic spots all over the city.

One of the most vital sources of support is YOU. Without memberships and donations from our biggest fans, Rooftop can’t survive, which is why we are asking for your help this winter.

If you believe that Rooftop Films is important to you, your neighborhood, your city, and the independent film community, please make a donation or become a member today. Check out all the great rewards you can earn by making a donation, and help Rooftop Films in these cold winter months so that you can join us next summer for dozens of amazing events.

The more you give, the more you get. Rewards!

Rooftop Films is all about getting big things done with the resources available at hand, so we know the value of a dollar. For that reason we wouldn’t ask you for help without offering a lot in return. To thank you for your support of Rooftop we are offering many great rewards, including DVDs and Blu-ray discs from Magnolia, Oscilloscope, IFC Films and more, as well as tickets to Rooftop shows, and the best reward of all: Rooftop Membership.

And membership offers great benefits! Sign up today and you get free access to every regularly priced Rooftop Films event in 2014. If you bought all those tickets individually that would cost more than $500.00 per member. But make a donation today and you get access to more than 45 outdoor events for just $75.

If you love Rooftop Films, and want to be part of the Rooftop community, take advantage of these offers. Together we will keep building something bigger, keep our program fresh and accessible year after year and in 2014 , we’ll be able to go further and do more, BUT we can only do it with your help.

Head over to Kickstarter and pledge today!

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