Ep 172: Jonathan Lisecki & Stacie Passon • Bryan Poyser


In a frank and funny conversation, indie filmmakers Jonathan Lisecki (Gayby) and Stacie Passon (Concussion) talk reflect on their filmmaking experiences. Gayby is currently available on most digital platforms including iTunes and Amazon as well as on DVD. Concussion is currently expanding its theatrical run and also available on demand and on iTunes.

Next up is Bryan Poyser (Lovers of Hate) whose earlier film Dear Pillow is currently available on Fandor. Bryan’s latest feature, the SxSW hit The Bouceback will be coming to a town near you if his Kickstarter campaign makes its goal. Bryan is trying to raise money to bring the comedy to various theaters around the country where audience members will have the opportunity to participate in air sex competitions and receive their air sex name. Bryan gave me one: “Thumbs Up” Schartoff. Think what you will but Bryan’s film is very funny.

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