Feel the Pedal Power this Saturday!

You’re probably used to your electricity being powered by natural gas. Don’t worry–that’s about to change. On Saturday, before our INDUSTRIANCE™ shorts program, our awesome music performance by Bradford Reed will be powered by Pedal Power NYC, an organization whose mission is to “sustain a celebration of our collective creativity and human energy through remarkable arts programming.”

Pedal Power NYC has made possible many shows since its founding by Ariel Agai in 2011, most notably the performances at the NYC Water Festival. We can’t wait to join the list of organizations to have collaborated with this project. With the possibility set forth to replace natural gas with “natural ass” power, a whole new world opens up–who knew you had so much power stored up in your pedaling feet? The creative minds and active bodies of Pedal Power and its volunteers lay the groundwork for all kinds of energy changes for the better. Today it’s microphones, amplifiers, and stage lights–imagine what it might be tomorrow.

Pedal Power NYC developed a system of bicycles with generators capable of powering concerts and studio recordings.  Harnessing the energy humans create to run all of the electronic equipment needed, PPNYC leverages technology as a medium to augment performances and upend the status quo.  This soundsystem blurs the conventional lines between audience and performers, inviting attendees to ride alongside musicians and electrify the entire show.  We unite to create amplified artistic experiences, all Powered by Natural Ass.

We have a feeling Bradford Reed’s music is going to sound even sweeter through natural-ass-powered speakers.

To purchase tickets to attend the shorts screening and participate in the performance, click here. Tickets are $13.

For inquiries email hello@pedalpowernyc.org