AT&T New York Introduces Street Charge

You’ve refreshed your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vine, and Mail for the millionth time. You’ve played countless games of Solitaire and Candy Crush and Snapchatted your every move. Somehow when your phone gives you the dreaded “low battery” alert, it comes as a surprise.

I don’t know about the rest of you, but keeping my phone alive is a constant struggle. I tuck it gingerly into its charger each night and I’ve tried all the battery-saving tricks and but unless I go full-on Airplane mode, my iPhone just does not want to play nice.

Thankfully, our friends at AT&T must have heard my cries, because they’re pushing a new initiative called Street Charge. They’ll be installing a series of solar-powered mobile charging stations in various locations throughout New York’s parks, boardwalks and beaches. The best part: they’re free for everyone to use!

After Superstorm Sandy hit hard, AT&T worked to provide pop-up service and charging stations throughout the city for residents to ¬†phone home to loved ones. Now, they’ve looked to further this service by opening it up for everyday use. We’ll have a charging station set-up at Friday’s four-screen showing of North of South, West of East at Metrotech Commons, so you can see what all the fuss is about for yourself.

So there you are folks. Plug in your cell phones, laptops, tablets and cameras at one of these nifty Street Charge stations and thank AT&T for keeping you connected.