At Rooftop Films, we always try our best to pair our bands and our venues to the theme and mood of the film program. This Saturday night will be no exception: a collection of outlandish animated creatures in outrageous situations at Absurd Animation (Short Films) against a backdrop of brand new graffiti by local artists on an amazing LES rooftop. Even better, the  New York-based band Wires.Under.Tension will not only be providing the live music for Saturday’s screening – we will also have the pleasure of screening the music video for their song Landscape Architecture by Rooftop’s own St. John Mckay Smith.

We caught up with Christopher of Wires.Under.Tension for a quick chat about their upcoming Rooftop show, their video, and more.

Rooftop Films: You guys will be performing at Rooftop on the same night as your music video. Does that make you extra nervous or extra excited?

Christopher Tignor: Extra excited to be so extra nervous everything will quite horribly crash and burn.

RF: How did you guys link up with St. John to create the music video?

CT: St. John and I used to live together.  Despite all that, we’ve decided to keep getting into each others creative lives.

RF:  As a New York band, what are some of your favorite locations or kinds of venues to play in the city?

CT: We like places where people are psyched, open-minded, and quite near two glasses of alcohol into their evening. That’s the sweet spot.

RF: Do you consider yourselves more of a live band or a studio band? Where do you feel most at home?

CT: A live band the installs and performs on the studio at every show.

RF:  What is on the horizon for Wires.Under.Tension?

CT: Touring, cut-off sleeve tank tops, over-thinking aspects of self-worth, and a host of other such first-world problems.