Bending Steel Screening on July 8th

As the second screening in our eight-week series Flicks on the Beach at Coney Island, presented in partnership with the Alliance for Coney Island, NYC & Co. and the Tribeca Film Festival, we bring you the critically acclaimed documentary Bending Steel. The series is part of an ongoing effort to promote a #ConeyComeback and to reaffirm Coney Island’s place amongst the most iconic neighborhoods of New York after the devastating effects of Superstorm Sandy.

Pre-show entertainment is set to begin at 7:00PM on the beach near W 10th St, and the film will begin shortly afterwards at 8:30PM. Bending Steel is the inspiring and emotional story of strongman Chris Schoeck, who by sheer willpower bends steel with his bare hands. Says Schoeck: “When you bend steel, you can do anything.” His story is truly fitting for the Coney Island series, paying homage to the area’s carnival roots and the feats of strength displayed under the big top.

ROOFTOP FILMS: Bending Steel

Venue: On the beach at Coney Island

Address: 3059 West 12th Street, Brooklyn, NY

7:00PM: Pre-show entertainment

8:30PM: Film begins

Though Bending Steel is a story of physical strength, it is also a story of human fragility, loneliness and passion. The film ultimately becomes an intimate portrait of its protagonist as he attempts to shut out vulnerability and strive for superhuman strength.