Kickstart Manos Sucias into Production

With over 3,891 successfully funded film projects last year on Kickstarter and Inocente being the first Kickstarter-backed film to win an Oscar, this is the year of crowd-sourcing film projects. More and more film projects are going straight to the people to raise funds and it’s no secret that it’s such a great resource and tool for filmmakers.

So here’s another Kickstarter campaign to get excited about: Manos Sucias will tell the story of a desperate fisherman and a naive kid as they embark on a dangerous journey trafficking drugs up the Pacific coast of Colombia.  Hidden beneath the waves, they tow a narco torpedo filled with millions of dollars worth of cocaine. Together they must brave the war-torn region while navigating the growing tension between them.

Director Josef Kubota Wladyka, winner of the Spike Lee Fellowship Award and the Film Independent Producing Fellowship, wants to bring this narrative film to life and they need our help to do so. This topical film will talk about drug trafficking and the plight of Afro-Colombians involved. We’ve shown films produced by the team behind this project so support them if you can!