Inocente wins Best Documentary Short at the Oscars

Rooftop alum Inocente won Best Documentary Short at the Oscars on Sunday, February 24, 2013. Inocente screened at three different locations in three different boroughs (Bronx, Manhattan, and Brooklyn) to audiences both young and old thanks to the generous support of the Fledgling Fund. With each screening we, along with DreamYard, Shine Global, and SALTY Features, offered workshops for young people.

This documentary opened discussion about homelessness, immigration, and the power of art. This film is a historical one for Rooftop and for the independent film community. Using Kickstarter, Sean and Andrea Fine’s documentary became the first crowd-funded film to ever win an Oscar. Maybe this is a sign of changing landscape of the film community as a whole. We sure hope so.

We are so proud of the film’s success and we wish Inocente the very best.

The film is available now on iTunes.